Natural Wear UK

We look to bring you Bamboo Recycled Unique and Environmentally friendly gifts

We carefully select each and every range to ensure we sell only the best quality products with a twist of the unusualness.

We look for gifts which support sustainability to the planet, with a wide range of thoughtful ethical eco-friendly gifts, including recycled and plastic free items.

At Natural Wear UK we love to find the unusual great quality gifts that you will love to own and at the same time your helping the planet. We are so passionate about the producers and the story behind them and we will try to share in our blog.

Browse our site to see the amazing exciting unique range of eco-friendly gifts for every occasion.

Whether it’s a gift for a family or friend or that special person in your life, maybe a treat just for you we got something which we’re sure you will all love and at the same time helping the planet we all live in.

We seek product that or ethically made sustainable and with a little bit of difference . Many items are recycled or include repurposed items which would otherwise go to waste.

Our environmentally friendly products fall into distinct categories – ethically made, recycled , sustainable, support wellbeing. So whether its an eco, recycled gift or just a treat for you, we have amazing unique guilt free pleasures for you or for someone you care about.

Natural Wear UK

Ethically made gifts that help to develop skills, support livelihoods and establish fair working conditions in underdeveloped countries. Fair trade ensures workers in the developing world are not exploiter provided with safe secure working conditions. your can help protect not just the planet but the people who live in it with these amazing ethically made gifts.

Eco – friendly gifts Reduce , Reuse , Recycle.  It’s never been more important to work to support these three steps to protect the planet we all live in.

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    Some of our products include:

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    purses and wallets Natural Wear UK


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    Natural Wear UK started back in May 2020, well planning started quite a number of months before (back in 2019). It came out of our love of natural and eco friendly products and at that point it was mainly around skincare, this has developed further now.

    The focus was to build an ethical, environmentally business to share a wide range of sustainable recycled goods , gifts that reduce waste, recycle where ever possible, care for our environment and supporting others to earn a good wage for the product they produce.

    Products made from recycled martials or items which help you reduce all your waste, creative gifts with thought which help to create a more sustainable future for all.