2022 Christmas Conservatory Pop-Up Shop 🌲

2022 Christmas Conservatory Pop-Up Shop 🌲

It’s back Our Christmas Conservatory Pop-Up Shop

We had a lot of fun setting it up and running the event last year that we thought it was only right to come back with three dates this year

Wednesday, the 18th of October 11.00 AM -2.30PM & 5.00PM -7.30PM Wednesday, the 9th of November 11.00 AM- 2.30 PM & 5.00P. -7.30PM

Thursday, the 10th of November 10.00AM -1.00PM &5.00PM -7.30PM

The opening times are a guide and if you want to come any other time please just call me direct on (07862) 254464 , As most of you will know smuggler is part of the team this is our dog and I do need to make sure that he gets out for his little walks but we are always around and are always happy to help.

We will have all our fair trade recycle eco-friendly and ethical products and gifts out for you to see. Some lovely new Christmas decorations to adorn the tree and our home

This year we have an even wider range of bamboo socks and some lovely Β wool socks, Riding Socks and welly socks also

With 10% off our shopping on any of these three days

Pop in a see want we have to help with your Christmas πŸŽ„ shopping πŸ›

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