Our Ethics

Our Ethics

Ethical Trade – most of our products are fair trade. We also sell “eco” friendly products which benefits the environment, & some products which we describe as “ethical”.

These are from suppliers which follow the principles of Fair Trade (such as safe working conditions, decent wage’s, no child or forced labour) committed to employ the needed , and promoting the principles of Fair Trade

Eco- Friendly/ Sustainable

Products don’t need to be recycleed to be eco friendly

Sustainable – is the ability to replace the materials the product/s are made from, again & again over the years without harming the enviroment (like Bamboo)

Recycled/ Remade

Our Environmental impact consering nature by recying waste

Will an every growing recycled/remade ranges, reusing material like tin cans, bicylce inner tubes and chains, package strapping as all as x milarary tents to nae a few items that helps to show the way to protect the environment. It can be just one small workshop in the world making this unusual unquie product, helpping he planet in a small way and we love to share these somethings that are very different .

Fair Trade, Eco and Ethical

Fair Trade

Is better price, decent working conditions, local sustainabile and fair trems of fair trade for workers/farmers in the developing world . By requiring companies to pay sustainable prices Fair trade addresses the injustices of conventional trade, which traditionally discriminates against the poorest help to improve thier lives & have more control

So in short our Ethics:

We look to support fAIR trade , Sustainable matrail to delivier products . Reduce the impact on the enviromet with recycled/ resused to remade unusal interting products, letting you enjoy them and helpping the world we live in

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