Why did we choose bamboo?

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Why did we choose bamboo?

Why did we start with bamboo?

When we set out on this journey backing 2019 we were thinking about project that could delivier sustainable versatile products . Something that would not just feeling  good but also not damage the environment

In stepped Bamboo, and socks where your focus to start with.

However we soon found that bamboo was very versatile and could deliver fabulous products IN VERY DIFFERENT FORMS that we could share with you on our  online retail business



The benefits of bamboo

Is that  in as little as  three years a tree can mature making it one of the most sustainable natural resources the planet has.

Faster growing, greater yield, natural growth it’s biodegradable this product is also not thirsty and soil stabile

For you in the case of bamboo socks this product Bamboo is incredibly soft, antibacterial which is great if you have  foot irritation and sensitivities it absorbs moisture and  is Thermo controlled which means basically it keeps your feet warm in the winter and cool in summer.

The bamboo does not just stop here because bamboo can be converted into robust products like watch faces, sunglasses  bathroom accessories like toothbrushes and soap dishes as well as being a perfect products to deliver household products from baskets coaters, trivet and so much more.

So this is why we are committed to sourcing products that care for and minimise impact on the environment but also care for you are your home

We work with suppliers that echo our values and aim to have the smallest possible footprint on the environment and work to create a positive step forward for the workers within their manufacturing process.

We take time you understand the stories behind the products and the support these products we share with you to help others .

With these products you are not only purchasing quality items you our also supporting a more sustainable organ natural environment future.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, as you will see I am not a natural blogger however I am passionate  about the future of the environment and want to share the stories and support gives others from the products we find for you. We hope you enjoy them and support them give.

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